A math curriculum catered to the needs of your child

Rediscover the joy of learning math with Mathessori, the world's only authentic boxed Montessori math "curriculum". The Montessori math curriculum is a dynamic and flexible curriculum catered to your child's individual needs, allowing you to customize your child's education. Mathessori is math learning reimagined. We believe that every child can have access to a world class Montessori education and that every parent is capable of providing a rich and high-quality educational experience to their children.

There's a better way to do math with children.

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A Developmentally Appropriate Approach

Relationship Oriented

Connecting the Hand and the Mind

What will my child learn with Mathessori?

In the introductory, your 2.5-4 year old child will be introduced to concept of quantities and number symbols. They will build their number sense and become masters at "seeing" quantities up to 10. While this sounds like nothing, trust us on this, this is the core of future success. This is the year of building foundations. They will also be introduced to place value and start building numbers into the thousands. Yes, literally building. The core of the Montessori philosophy is to connect the hands to the mind.

In year two, your 4-5.5 child will expand build on top of the foundations. They will solidify their experience of place value through lots of fun hands-on games and play. Sometime this year, they will begin their sensorial exploration of the four operations with the golden beads, learning the functions of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division and eventually working their way through the Passage of Abstraction to using more abstract materials and begin their journey in learning math facts. Now, they will learn to skip count as a preparation for multiplication, count to 1000, and create squares and cubes of numbers.

In year three, your 5.5-7 year old child will move on to the next stage of abstraction and continue on working with all four operations, both in a functional way while starting to memorize math facts with didactic materials, charts, and games. Every step they take will bring them closer to working with operations on paper with true and deep understanding. Long division and multiplication is child's play with the bead frame and racks and tubes. They will be introduced to fractions and fraction operations through fraction insets that concretely show abstract concepts.

Don't settle for mediocre math lessons. Mathessori makes math learning engaging.

Authentic Montessori Lessons

Mathessori lessons are authentic Montessori lessons, made easily accessible for you as a parent to use at home with your child. You can now give your child a high-quality Montessori education without the high cost.

Sensorially driven

Mathessori lessons engage your child's senses. Math isn't just an abstract concept with Mathessori. Math comes to life with Mathessori. Math can be touched and visualized

Connecting the Hand and the Mind

Montessori lessons aren't simply "hands-on" learning with manipulatives. They're so much more. Montessori lessons engage the hands connecting 


The Montessori "curriculum" doesn't follow a wholly linear progression. Instead, you follow a scope and sequence that guides you through the progression in a spiraling fashion, allowing you to weave through lessons that meet your child's interests and needs.

Developmentally Friendly

While most pre-school curriculums push academic learning at the expense of the child's development, Mathessori keeps the child's development at the forefront. 



Give your child the opportunity to have an experience with math that connects them to the world around them.

Montessori math is like no other! It is THE way to learn and teach math. With the Mathessori, you will be able to give your child a SOLID foundation in math. Remember the days when you learned math? Unless you were just really good at it, chances are you really struggled. Most math in school is taught abstractly without a concrete foundation.

This is where Montessori math is so radically different from every other curriculum out there. It starts out by engaging the child's senses and introducing some really abstract concepts with visuals that give the child the experience of feeling and touching an idea before internalizing it. Through out the three year curriculum, the child is guided through the process of understanding an idea concretely with the golden beads to abstractly solving problems on the bead frame and then finally, on paper. 

Mathessori is a full curriculum that you can confidently follow. You're going to learn what the Three Period Games are, how to introduce every lesson, how to tailor lessons to your own home environment instead of trying to be a Montessori classroom, and wayyy more. 

We're going to show you step-by-step, how you can take a child from counting from 1 all the way to solving multi-digit division and multiplication problems in the most fun way possible!