You asked for it. We created it.

T​he complete kit for teaching Montessori math at home.

Introducing the least boring math curriculum ever

This is everything you've been waiting for.

A complete kit with every single thing you need to teach Montessori math, plus a video library full of tutorials on how to present Montessori math materials at home

If you're tired of purchasing curriculum after curriculum, you're tired of reading albums and not understanding anything... if you're spending more time planning out your curriculum, buying and creating materials - then Mathessori might just be the last math curriculum you buy.

A full guide to teaching math that makes a difference

As a homeschooling mom, you've spent countless hours reading up blog posts, Info Montessori, albums... trying to figure out how to present ONE material, when to present it, exactly what to say when presenting, what comes before and after that specific material, printing out this and that because you think you need it.


You felt like you are spending more time as a curriculum developer rather than actually teaching your children. 

Let's be honest.

You're spending TOO much time piecing all this together. 

Montessori is amazing.

But trying to do Montessori without guidance is a real time sucker.

This is why we've created Mathessori.

What is Mathessori?

Mathessori is a complete THREE year curriculum kit for teaching Montessori math at home for children ages 3-6 years of age

  1. 1
    Every single Montessori math material you will need for the entire three year period
  2. 2
    Access to a video library of lesson demonstrations tailored for home use
  3. 3
    Office hours and live sessions with a guide when you're feeling stuck and need support

“There should be no such thing as boring mathematics.”

Edsger Dijkstra

This is probably what your time looks like right now if you're attempting to do this solo.

But this is what your time could look like with Mathessori:

Mathessori will change the way you think about math

More than likely, you learned math the wrong way. You probably stared at a whiteboard while a teacher babbled on an on about stuff that made no sense and completed math drills and workbooks and you most probably don't remember half of what you learned, how you learned, or even WHY you learned it.

You KNOW you want to give your child a better education and actually understand what they are learning!

Why is it so important to start early with math?

Because children are born with innate number capabilities. Montessori knew this and she knew how to nurture this ability. We actually have the potential to be a whole lot better at numbers and math than we think.

Did you know that even babies can detect differences in numerical quantities? No, this doesn't mean we should start teaching babies math just yet! But it just goes to show how we are born with the ability to do math

Three and four year olds are pretty self-motivated and interested in learning.

Children in the first plane of development (between birth to the age of six) have incredibly absorbent minds. That phrase is pretty self explanatory, and if you have a toddler, you know without a doubt in your mind, that you can't get away with doing or saying anything in front of a toddler!

If your toddler learned how to speak, they can learn how to do math fairly simply.

Math is literally just another language. You can harness the power of your child's absorbent mind.

And just like language that children learn earlier on in their life never leaves them, a solid education in mathematics and logical reasoning is something that will always leave a lasting impression on a child for the rest of their life

"I recommend you to question all your beliefs, except that two and two make four."


The Three Period Game

Learn how to teach any new concept, literally, ANYTHING new to a child with the extremely effective, fun to play, three period game. You might have already heard of the three period lesson that had become popular with three parts cards. But we take the three period lesson to a whole new level that makes it so much easier to understand and implement. 

The One Shelf Set Up

You don't need an entire room dedicated to materials to give your child a stellar A+ Montessori education. We believe in simplicity and minimalism so you can feel less burdened and lighter and focus on things that actually matter.

Script Cheat Sheets 

Ok, so you're not exactly trained in this and don't have decades of experience teaching in the classroom, so we don't expect you to remember how to do everything like a pro, which is why we include basic scripts in PDF format that you can print and follow while presenting a lesson to your child without being all confused during a lesson and at the same time, not sound like you're a teleprompter!

Why Choose Mathessori?

  1. 1
    Complete A-Z Roadmap The video library is a comprehensive collection of videos, audio, and written directions on how to present lessons, what order to present in, approximately what age to present at. As if that's not good enough, we also include live support with guides to help you when you're feeling stuck and lost.
  2. 2
    Cost Effective - The value of all the materials alone can cost well over what this kit is priced at. Plus, adding in the cost of the albums, printables, and your time, Mathessori will cost you way less in the long run than purchasing albums and materials on your own.
  3. 3
    Tailored for the Home Environment - While most manufacturers and companies create materials for classroom use, we've modified materials to make them more functional for the home environment while still sticking to core Montessori values. Materials are pared down so you don't have doubles.
  4. 4
    Say Good Bye to Boring Presentations - Montessori at home can look very different to the classroom. We think it's best to save the traditional presentations for the classroom, and instead come up with creative ways to present lessons at home and incorporate play while still staying true to the core of Montessori. We simply give you ways to adapt lessons to a new environment, making them more effective.

Mathessori Complete Kit

  • The complete Mathessori materials kit - every single material you will need to teach math at the primary level, full sized (with the exception of the number rods) wooden materials, task cards, worksheets and booklets, progress tracker booklets.
  • FULL access to the Mathessori lesson demonstrations video library.  This includes lesson cheat sheets, extra philosophy and theory videos, material extensions, and extra printable workbooks for multiple children.
  • Access to exclusive office hours and support group to guide you through this process because it takes a village to educate a child.

This is a PRE-ORDER.  Once you order, you will receive the kits in Mid-July to August. You will receive access to the video library immedietly but you will find it empty as it is currently in the process of being recorded. You will receive email updates and news on the status of production.

What materials are included?


  • sandpaper numbers
  • mini number rods
  • numbers and counters
  • spindle box


  • Unit beads and ten bars
  • hundred squares and thousand cubes 
  • trays and mats
  • number cards
  • stamp game
  • dot game 
  • extensions


  • teens materials
  • tens materials
  • decanomial bead box
  • complete bead cabinet material


  • charts
  • snake games
  • bead houses
  • multiplication bead board
  • division bead board (included with long division set)
  • booklets and worksheets


  • long division racks and tubes
  • exclusive Mathessori bead frame 


  • fraction skittles
  • fraction circles

Do I get lifetime access to the content?

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Can I purchase just the video library without the materials?

Can I sell materials and transfer ownership of the video library?

My child is 4/5, can I still use this?

Do you offer payment plans?

Is this a Montessori knock off?

I don't have a background in education. Can I still do this?

My child is special needs, will this work for him/her?

Can I purchase the kit in parts instead of all at once?

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