Learn How to Playfully Nurture
Mathematical Literacy
in Your Toddler

Nurturing Numbers is a guided course on how to introduce quantity, counting, and number symbols to toddlers using the Montessori method.

You might have came across the Montessori method, maybe you're already practicing practical life and encouraging independence and following your child and all that good stuff...

But when it comes to introducing math, you might be a bit lost or even overwhelmed. 

...the absorption of mathematical knowledge can be natural, easy, and a source of joy; the joy of one who discovers in himself powers that he had not even suspected...

If you know that feeling, say hello to...

We won't leave you alone with all this amazing info. You'll be able to join a private group where you get access to fellow Mathessorians and Expert Number Wizards who will guide you through the entire curriculum. We promise, we won't strand you in the middle of no where. We believe it takes a village to educate a child and you shouldn't have to do it all alone. 

This isn't a half done course. We're not about hiding all the juicy info from you. You get access to complete lesson plans that tell you what to do step-by-step, literally from A-Z. You'll go from knowing nothing about how to teach your child numbers the Montessori way to becoming a pro at it. You won't be playing the guesswork game, browsing the internet, trying to come up with 50 different activities. We keep it simple, with a bit of sugar and spice. 

???? trello board ORGANIZER

Keep track of lessons you've worked on, what you need to work on, and of your child's progress with a sleek and easy to work with Trello board you're going to LOVE. Plus, every lesson includes a checklist of materials or supplies you need to get together so you're not scrambling around looking for things at the last minute. 


You'll get access to clear instructions on how to introduce concepts in written or video format. Yes, the internet is full of this, we are well aware, but we doubt anyone's got Montessori math lesson plans actually written with the home educator in mind or with all the detailed pictures and videos. 

????????‍???? REAL HUMAN SUPPORT

You get access to a private and exclusive Facebook group where you get all your questions and concerns answered by Mathessori Number Wizards trained in the magical art of numbers.   


No need for all those fancy expensive materials your toddler doesn't care about, we show you how to use what you have at home and make your own materials. And no, it won't take you a lifetime and you don't need really need a laminator. Ain't no mama got time for that! (unless you're OCD about things

It's only $29, what are you waiting for!?

So what are you going to learn exactly?

Montessori math is like no other! You're going to learn what the Three Period Games are, what a mathematical mind is and why the perfect age to start introducing math is THREE. You'll also learn about the early primary math materials, what kind of alternatives you can use at home without sacrificing the quality and depth of the Montessori lesson and how to tailor lessons to your own home environment instead of trying to be a Montessori classroom. 

We will also guide you through the material making process and show you what you will need and what kind of creative solutions you can come up with without spending millions of dollars (save that in your educational funding piggy bank for other cool things... like a golden bead set perhaps ????)

We're going to show you step-by-step, how you can introduce the numbers 1-10 to your toddler the Montessori way - first quantity, then symbols - with simple hands on activities. 


So you're probably wondering, "10? that's it? WTH!?" Yes, it sounds like... not enough, right? 

"Well, what about counting all the way to 100?!"

Well, the real reason is that you only need to teach how to count to 10 because every number after that is simply made up of varying amounts of 10 and a number less than 10. 

Basically a child can identify quantities in the thousands once you lay out the foundation of recognizing quantities up to 10. 

Plus, our goal isn't to have a child rote memorize numbers up to 100, but to build actual understanding of each number's value!

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