ONE operation PER material at a TIME

Operations with Golden Beads


A Note About This Section

Addition With Golden Beads

Multiplication With Golden Beads

Subtraction With Golden Beads

Division With Golden Beads

Operations with the Stamp Game


Introducing the Stamp Game

Forming Numbers with the Stamp Game

Writing Numbers

Addition With the Stamp Game

Multiplication With the Stamp Game

Subtraction With the Stamp Game

Division With the Stamp Game

Addition with the
Dot Game


The Dot Game

Materials List

  • 55-100 golden unit beads
  • 45 ten bars
  • 45 hundred squares
  • 9 wooden thousand cubes
  • Large number cards from 1-9000
  • Three sets of small number cards from 1 to 3000
  • Stamp game
  • Dot Game