April 23, 2020

So you printed out the Complete Decanomial Bead Bars, and now you're ready to dive in start using them! Here are a few lessons you can show your child with the bead bars:

1. Play the Snake Game

For this lesson, you will be making combinations of 10 with the colored bead bars and converting the colored snake into a golden one. Create a "snake" with the bead bars, making sure that each combination of beads equals 10. Tell your child, there's only one rule in this game: 

"Everytime you get to 10, you must exchange for a ten bar."

Make sure to keep the colored beads on the side of the mat after exchanging so you can verify your answer!

2. Practice Addition Facts

The decanomial beads are a great way to practice addition facts! I don't even have to explain this one, it's that easy. You can use a sheet of paper, write down random equations and let the child add!

3. Do the Multiplication Layout

This lesson is super fun and one of my favorites! Chose a number to work with... For example, 4, like we did in the video. Take four one time and lay it horizontally. 

"Four taken 1 time is... 4."

You can use a toothpick or some tool to count the beads... or just plain old fingers too.

Lay out the answer vertically. 

Continue doing the same thing until you reach 4 taken 10 times. 

4. Practice Subtraction Facts

Practicing subtraction facts with the beads is pretty simple! Let's do the example in the image above.

"I have 9... if I take away 7, how many will I have left over?"

Place the 7 bar underneath the nine bar and cover that portion with your hand. 

"I have two left over!"

Have fun doing lots of random combinations!

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