A math curriculum catered to the needs of your child

Rediscover the joy of learning math with Mathessori, the world's only authentic boxed Montessori math "curriculum". The Montessori math curriculum is a dynamic and flexible curriculum catered to your child's individual needs, allowing you to customize your child's education. Mathessori is math learning reimagined. We believe that every child can have access to a world class Montessori education and that every parent is capable of providing a rich and high-quality educational experience to their children.

There's a better way to do math with children.

Get the FREE guide on Nurturing Numbers: How to Playfully Nurture Mathematical Literacy in Toddlers. Access the PDF guide on how to introduce quantity and numbers to your preschooler with a more developmentally friendly and nurturing approach. Ditch the overwhelm and make learning simple.

A Developmentally Appropriate Approach

Relationship Oriented

Connecting the Hand and the Mind

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The foundation of any math learning: the concept of quantity and counting. Visual representations 

Don't settle for mediocre math lessons.

why we do it

We’ve been there

Created by Montessori homeschoolers with years of experience, we've been through what you're going through right now. Even as guides, it wasn't as simple as it seemed to homeschool with Montessori. We know what it feels like to feel overwhelmed and confused. Mathessori lessons are written with the homeschooler in mind, not the classroom guide.

We spent more time researching than actually doing and we were fed up. We gave up countless times. Which is why we created Mathessori, so you don't have to give up on giving your child an amazing math education.

Kits tailored for the home environment

Kit 1: Numbers and Counting

Best suited for the 2.5 to 3 year old child just learning about quantities and number symbols from 1-10, this kit includes a set of mini number rods, sandpaper numbers, spindle mat and spindles, and cards and counters - everything you need to start your Montessori math journey. 

Kit 2: Golden Beads and Operations

This kit is the mother of Montessori math. Beginning at about 4 years of age, children can start learning the decimal system and its patterns, recognizing larger quantities, and handle a concrete and sensorial introduction to the four operations. This kit includes all the golden beads you will need, number cards, the stamp game, and the dot game.

Kit 3: Linear and Skip Counting

While traditional math curriculums teach a child to linear count right from the beginning, Montessori saves it for the one that is truly ready to explore this complex abstract idea of teens and tens. Might not sound so complicated to you, but to a child who has not abstracted, it sure is! It also introduces skip counting, and squares and cubes of numbers. This kit is the kit to introduce teens and tens after introducing the golden beads at about age 4.5+. It comes with teens and tens cards, ten bars, colored bead stair, colored bead cubes, colored bead squares, and arrows. 

Kit 4: Memory Work

Memorizing math facts does not have to be boring, contrary to popular cultural beliefs of the day and age, learning math facts is funner than fun. (yes, that was probably grammatically incorrect, but cut us some slack, we do math here, not grammar.)

Kit 5: Passage into Abstraction

Montessori math is the work of pure genius! This kit takes the child into the last passage of abstraction, that step right before they can begin to do operations on paper - the end goal! It includes a 2-in-1 small and large bead frame and the complete division "racks and tubes" material. This is a kit that will last you well into your child's elementary years!

Kit 6: Fractions

Fractions, oh, fractions - how I hated thee... until I learned them with Montessori. This is the kit to teach your child about fractions and how to complete the four operations with fractions. It comes with fraction insets + curriculum.