Bundle 2

Kits 2—6

So your child already knows how to count, recognize quantity, and you just don't need the materials for numbers and counting, but you're ready to get to the next level? Oh, perfect! You're in the right place at the right time! This kit has everything for a child who already knows how to count to 10. It is essentially three years worth of curriculum. Purchase everything in one shot and you don't have to worry about math for a while! Free up your mind and time. To view full details on each kit, visit the individual kit pages: Kit 2, Kit 3, Kit 4, Kit 5, Kit 6. Appropriate for ages 4 and up. Pre-order for summer delivery


All Materials Included

The kits come with all the materials you could possibly need on this journey. Stop wasting your time walking in circles trying to figure out where you should buy expensive materials, trying to figure out what you will need exactly and let us take care of it for you. Every kit comes with materials that are designed with the home environment in mind. 

Video & Picture Lesson Guides

Put the days of trying to figure out how to present a lesson behind you. We know how much time it takes to wade through the plethora of content online showing you how to use materials With the kits, you get access to a complete library of lessons, simplified for you to easily understand and implement, so that you can spend more time with your kids instead of with your albums.


You don't have to figure all this out on your own. You'll have access to office hours and live sessions with a Mathessori Number Wizard who will answer your questions and be your personal guide. Plus, you will also have the opportunity to have a one-on-one session to get you started.  It takes a village to educate a child!

Kit Breakdown

Kit 2

  • Beaded Thousand Cube
  • Beaded Hundred Squares
  • Nine Wooden Thousand Cubes
  • 45 Wooden Hundred Squares
  • Ten Bars with Storage Box
  • Unit Beads
  • Stamp Game
  • Large and Small Number Cards with Storage Pouches
  • Dry Erase Dot Game
  • Dry Erase Stamp Game Sheets
  • Square Tray

Kit 3

  • Colored Bead Squares
  • Colored Bead Cubes 
  • Short Bead Chain
  • Printed Arrows for Short and Long Chains with Storage Bags
  • Teens and Tens Cards
  • Bead Stair

Kit 4

  • Addition Folder with Charts + Equation and Number Tiles
  • Multiplication Folder with Charts + Equation and Number Tiles
  • Subtraction Folder with Charts + Equation and Number Tiles
  • Division Folder with Charts + Equation and Number Tiles
  • Addition and Subtraction Strip Boards with Strips
  • Black and Gray Bead Stairs
  • Decanomial Box
  • Multiplication Board with Marbles

Kit 5

  • Hybrid Small and Large Bead Frame
  • Division Mats
  • Complete Set of Marbles and Skittles
  • Racks and Tubes
  • Tray

Kit 6

  • Fraction Cut Outs with Storage Box
  • Fraction Equation Task Cards
  • Fraction Dominos Game
  • Fraction Matching Cards

Curious to see what it looks like on the inside?

Take a sneak peek and see what the curriculum looks like on the inside. Although you will receive all the materials you need, the member portal has extras! Access to the member's area includes detailed lesson instructions with videos and a flowchart on the sequence in which to present materials you need to print as many times as you wish.